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    People often start being distant with me - trying to figure but I feel stuck! Help/advice needed.

    I've often had this happening to me, and despite my effort to pinpoint to anything on my part, I'm unable to. I've noticed that often people who don't know me well, started being distant, which manifests itself in them avoiding natural eye contacts with me, giving unusually brief replies...
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    What is ignorance?

    I now understand the meaning "ignorance is bliss". Ignorance can be a learning process to knowledge. Knowledge has variables of truth opinion and lies that are believed with facts and distorted facts believed. But ignorance is bliss after one acknowledges ignorance is bliss. How does a...
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    Is the only option for bliss, ignorance?

    I'm not saying that people who are blissful are stupid, no, people sometimes misinterpret the term ignorance, so I wanted to make sure that no one would do it. Ignorance to me, with regard to the state of bliss, means to somehow subconsciously ignore the many inevitable sources of negativity...