1. D

    HELP! delete account

    I want to delete my account. Or at least delete my threads. Can anyone help?
  2. M

    What's wrong with myself?

    Hello, I'm teenager from Poland. I'm here to ask You for help because since the beginning of online learning last year something weird happened to myself. In Poland everything has started back to March in 2020... We started taking part in on-line school system and it became tedious day by day...
  3. G

    MSc Forensic Psychology Interview

    Hi all, I have an interview for a masters in forensic psychology at Cardiff Metropolitan University, Wales Anyone have any advice/info/tips? Feeling quite nervous Thanks so much :)
  4. C

    Hey :)

    Hi! My name is Nicole, I'm from Dublin, Ireland and I have just started my first year in my psychology degree. I was looking at forums that I can connect with people/students like me and hopefully get a guiding hand to help me. I hate this introduction things, I never know what to say. Feel...
  5. K

    I really need some help...advice :(

    I have been really struggling to maintain balanced emotional-well being. However, after 3 years of dealing with constant depression, anger, and anxiety... I am finally saying *uncle*. I can't handle this on my own anymore and am really doubting if I ever handled it to begin with. I have been...