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    Why when I get rejected by a girl , I start to remember and miss my first love?

    I usually don't think about her that much anymore.I have not seen the girl since 2007 but whenever i get turned down or when I am depressed ,I start to think about her a lot and miss her
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    What type of girl is she ?

    Hi Friends am 26 year old male working as a software engineer & team lead in a small company . recently i interviewed a girl and recruited her. I generally look for persons attitude in work since the girls attitude is so promising i took her in my team . It is just a week since she joined...
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    A girl who likes breasts?

    Ok, this my sound weird but i know a girl who likes to master-bait to other womens breasts, but she is not lesbian. My theory is that because she is uncomfortable with her own body (she has specifically pointed out her breasts numerous times) she watched porn that had women who had the type of...
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    a desperate girl

    Hello, I am a new member here and I would like to share my story with you. I met someone some months ago. I liked him and the same he did. It seemed that we had a good friendly relationship. I started to see him in a romantic way and I felt the same he did. After some time, he told me that he...
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    This girl who came for help

    I have this girl who has come to me for help ,she is on substance abuse.She has general risk taking tenancies college drop out .I need to know what are the right tests to conduct on her .I am gonna make her give an older version of the 16PF Questionnaire I have here but i dont know how outdated...
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    make this girl do anything you want to

    Make this girl do anything you want to. How many of you blokes got excited by that title? that would be another thread altogether. this is supposed to be a test of whether somebody is left or right or left brain dominant. the oriiginal thread is here...
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    Girl friend shut down emotionally and cannot trust

    I broke my girlfriends trust by words not an affair and I was wrong and she is unable to open up to me emotionally,she also has a lot of stress going on in here life with other issues and I when I broke her trust she through in the towel. She told me she has to take time to heal and sort things...
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    Girl trouble: ideas anyone?

    I met this girl in my martial arts class. She exhibits low self esteem but I like her personality. She seems very sincere and has a way of being cute that she doesn’t know. A couple of weeks ago she invited me to the movies with some friends. We had a good time. I invited her over a while after...
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    How to manage your girl friend?

    I really find very difficult to manage time for my girl friend. I knew that she is important for me. But when i start doing my works, i really forget the world and at the day end, i could see her calls in the missed call register. After that i go and apologise to her. I know am doing wrong but...
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    New Girl

    Hi there, I'm the new girl. My name is Ali and I am 24 (though I tell most people I am 19 lol). I joined this forum to recieve and offer advice. I don't really know what else to hi!