1. H

    Why do evolutionary psychologists think men are wired to spread their seed?

    I would think that people with psych education like that would know better than to think there is truth to that because of how obviously off-base it really seems to be. Going back to the dawn of time basically when humans lived as wild animals, men had to protect women from wild animals which...
  2. duc

    Evolutionary Psychology Forum

    Evolutionary Psychology Evolutionary psychology examines psychological traits - such as memory, perception, or language - from a modern evolutionary perspective. It seeks to identify which human psychological traits are evolved adaptations, that is, the functional products of natural selection...
  3. S

    Would you trust evolutionary impulse if you felt it within you?

    Guess what? You don't recognize it , yet. Just recognizing evolutionary impulse within, is enough for you to notice the change in you. You notice it gives you responsive thoughts rather than reactive/conditioned ones you've been using. There's a "new game" in you. ( What I call...
  4. V

    Evolutionary psychology

    Hello, I am planning on studying some evolutionary psychology and I would like to know what the best books on this field are. Can anybody recommend me on which books I should buy? Thank you!
  5. J

    Tiger's Cheating and Evolutionary Theory

    Since the Tiger’s Woods scandal, those who believe in evolutionary psychology especially when it pertains to perceived gender differences of sexual behavior, attempt to biologically justify male promiscuity especially among rich alpha males. They contend that the male reproductive function is to...
  6. E

    Stereotyping: an evolutionary basis?

    Stereotyping is one of the most pervasive issues in modern society. But does it have an evolutionary basis? As our ancestors were evolving, they faced a multitude of threats. They couldn't assume that only some spiders or snakes were dangerous, they had to assume that all spiders and snakes were...