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    Sense of Agency in unusual forms of dreaming

    Hi everyone! I'm a PhD candidate at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. I work at the Consciousness and Psychopathology lab of the department of psychology, and we are currently carrying out a research on Sense of Agency in unusual forms of nocturnal dreaming and daydreaming. We are using...
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    Crying while Dreaming

    I didn't find any threads that relates to sleeping or dreaming anywhere, so I post it here in Gen.Psych. Anyways, I was wondering (since I woke up today while tears were in my eyes) are there any research or main idea why some people dream and cry at the same time while sleeping? Cuz I don't...
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    Dreaming Of Eating My Pet Dog! Help!

    :'( Please help if you can. Two days ago, I woke up in a fright, shaking and crying, because I dreamed that I ate my mom's chichuahua. In the dream, I sat at the table and I was calmly eating the dog from a plate, hair and all. Gosh, what the he** is wrong with me? I haven't been at peace since...
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    Dreaming and thinking strange stuff, randomly. Need advices and opinions. :/

    Hi everyone. I've haven't been dreaming much 'till a few months ago. Maybe half a year. And during the past two months, especially the past month, I started dreaming even more strange things. I'm 18 years old by the way. I'm dreaming about my classmates, how I embarrass them, some of them. How...
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    Dreaming of a Gentle Gorilla?

    :D :-[ Okay, this is a bit confusing and embarrassing for me. But I had a dream about a gentle gorilla. Here's the thing though. I dreamed that I was in the hospital and that when I woke up, this gorilla was holding my hand as tears escaped it's eyes. I noticed the gorilla and got scared and...
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    Enough for me... I'm already keep nightmare for about 1 year. Some people say I'm always have negative thinking, I'm really not sure about that. Just want to ask, did I have mental problem ???
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    Dreaming about it together?

    My friend and I have been having dreams that relate between us. His last dream was of him losing me in the woods and then my mother chasing him in the woods and stabbing him with a knife, a few days before I had a dream where I had killed him. I don't remember what I actually used because I was...