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    How come that nerds are smart despite being addicted to these forms of entertainment?

    One stereotype I heard about what people would call as 'socially awkward nerds' is that 'nerds' like these two separate and different groups of interests. The first group of interest is the STEM academics group. They are generally a group of very mentally difficult academics that 'nerds' are...
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    Why psychology should be the first discipline.

    Psychology is why people think what they think. We all want knowlegde "to know and understand". Philosophy is also a question and answer discipline. Knowledge to me is innate then our parents friends society and the media teach us their knowledge. We see we feel we question we search...
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    Brutlaity Against Children, Disguised as " Discipline"

    I help run a high-school in a Third World country where beating with sticks, along with other forms of insidious child torture, are still permitted by law. Having been on the receiving end of such treatment by openly sadistic teachers in my youth, I arrived at the conclusion long ago that there...