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    Interesting Psychology Today article on depression and dementia

    Take a look. Just goes to show how important treating depression can be long-term
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    So I'm just 15 years old and I've been suffering from depression and anxiety for more than 3 years. I also hear voices and i have really bad social anxiety. I used to have an ed too and then I was hospitalized at mental hospital 2 times and since then i keep having the same bad dream about going...
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    The Mental Health Risks of Living Abroad and Ways to Combat Negative Effects

    Introduction According to the World Health Organization, depression affects more than 264 million people in the world and is a leading cause of disability and contributor to disease. It is evident that mental health is a global crisis and needs addressed, especially when about 2,190 people die...
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    How to stop being too nice?

    I have had this problem since my dad died. I took all my needs and put them aside for the needs of everybody else. This is a problem especially because this attracts abusive, narcissistic and in general selfish people. I've been working on setting boundaries but right now I am in a situation...
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    The best spiritual methods for psychological diseases

    1. Theta Healing Method : This Method was Founded by Vianna Stibal! Vianna canceled her cancer with this method. Than now she created a system about this method ( theta Healing ) .. This is very nice method to clean negative energy. Human brain has some frequencies.. One of them is Theta. When...
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    Depression and dealing with a Narcissist in the Family

    I am a new member and I decided to signup to this forum so that I can just talk to someone that can possibly enlighten me or just have a conversation. I am in my late 20's, graduated from school already and used to work in the office, but now I work from home. And as far as I can remember...
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    Talk about your depression article. Paul
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    I've been battling with depression for awhile now, and I really feel like I want the world to die along with me, because somehow I blame the world for all of my problems. Whenever I get stressed, or feel any form of anxiety somehow it gets compounded with this feeling of depression and I end up...
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    Could Electro-convulsive Therapy be a cure for depression?

    Ian Reid, a psychiatrist at the Royal Cornhill Hospital in the Scottish city of Aberdeen, has treated people with severe depression for 25 years. “It’s a very nasty illness, depression,” he says. “I have worked with people who have cancer and depression, and more than one of them has said, ‘If I...
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    How do YOU deal with depression?

    Hi. I'm new here, my name is Renee and I'm 21 years old. Here's my short story: I've been depressed for 5 years, since my sister passed away. For about a year I took my depression as a normal reaction and way of dealing but I never came out of it, it just got worse. I have seen a (money...
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    Freedom from depression program

    Hello, I'm considering the product "Freedom from depression" by Think Right Now. Have anyone used it? I need the product for a depressed teenager. Do you think it's suitable? Best Emanuele
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    Self Belief = self esteem / self confidence: the cause of anxiety and depression

    I have been thinking about self belief in relation to anxiety and depression. I need some feedback / opinions on whether my thoughts are true or if they can be demonstrated to be false. I am thinking that the essence of all anxiety related disorders and depression is the result of a lack of...
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    Salmon Oil is good for Depression?

    Many people say so, what do you think?
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    Depression from a Psychologist's View

    Hi everyone, I'm Dr. Dan Bochner. I'm a psychologist and author of two books, the latest of which is printed in its entirety on my website, I hope the following article helps in your general understanding of depression. If you visit my website, perhaps you will find a...
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    Perhaps it would be helpful for those interested in the topic of Psychology to discover what the cause of depression is? Let us preface this by reminding the reader that this "causal" is drawn from a knowledge of Psychology [ which means the operations of the Esoteric dimensions of...
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    MBTI and Manic Depression

    I've observed many times the personality type which must be associated with intelligent males with type I bipolar disorder. I am very strongly ENTP and regard my MBTI results as complementary with the manic depression. I think that extraversion and intution (E, N) are almost prerequisites for a...
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    Free online help for mild depression: Mood Memos study

    Hi everyone, I am a mental health researcher from the University of Melbourne, Australia. If you think you might be experiencing mild depression, I’d like to invite you to take part in my research project: Mood Memos. Mood Memos are email-based self-help for mild depression. They contain...
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    clinical depression?

    think I may have clinical depression. Symptoms I have experienced: Tired all day every day Getting angry at things that usually don't bother me Feeling worthless Feeling like a disappointment Feeling empty...kinda like a hollow feeling Disconnected..I don't feel like I really connect with anyone...
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    Depression --> Anger + Anxiety, Disturbing thoughts

    Hi I'm new here. I apologize if this topic doesn't fit within this category (I'm not quit sure were else to put it). I just hope that someone out there can provide me with a few answers or at least point me in the right direction. I'm 28 years old and I'm in really good physical health, I watch...
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    depression dignosis

    I was just oficialy diagnosed with deppresion/anxiety. That kind of made me mad,as people with deppression are whiny little pricks who just complain for no real reson just to be an attention w****. Okay, i'm not fighting the deppresion diagnosses, as it seems so accurate for me. But it kind of...