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    Sense of Agency in unusual forms of dreaming

    Hi everyone! I'm a PhD candidate at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. I work at the Consciousness and Psychopathology lab of the department of psychology, and we are currently carrying out a research on Sense of Agency in unusual forms of nocturnal dreaming and daydreaming. We are using...
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    Reality vs daydreaming

    There is no answer to this question? pl I am a realist and believe in concious awareness of the moment. But I also am a daydreamer. I exist in two different realities one true one created. I am also a staunch moralist. When I see in my mind anything that threatens my reality I create a...
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    Daydreaming vs meditation

    I daydream more than most people. I understand reality yet I create my own personal reality because I am not interested in my present reality at that moment. I constantly think and daydream. I see i feel i know i understand i seem to have intuition (without memory or observations). What...