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    My Oldest Son continuously being annoyed by my younger son; oldest started crying uncontrollably today because the younger was being annoying

    The title explains most of what this post is about. Longer Story Yesterday, my youngest son was being highly annoying to the entire family. This morning, when my oldest son woke up, he was in a very bad mood, which he later claimed was due to his younger brother. Anyway, I left the house before...
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    do abused children become abused adults

    This is a friend that we have been separated for years recently met each other by accident as we discovered that we live in the same city. As we tried to rekindle our friendship, I saw bruises on her body almost every time we met. After repeated questioning she finally opened up. This is a...
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    What is the effect that children or a mortgage have on a couples/marriages?

    Couples with children or a mortgage are less likely to break up. Thus, some counsellor’s point out that having a child changes a marriage (for the better). What psychological process could explain the former statement and which faulty reasoning is in place in the latter.
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    Should children see or hear their parents having sex?

    Is it healthy or unhealthy for children to see or hear their parents having sex?
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    Brainwashing children, Parental Alienation Syndrome

    Emotional maltreatment - Verbal assault (belittling, screaming, threats, blaming, sarcasm, unpredictable responses, continual negative moods, constant family discord and double-message communication are ways parents may subject their children to emotional abuse. Hi, I am here because I am...
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    Can parents become indifferent to their children?

    Hello everyone! I'll just cut to the chase. I have much in common with my father: we both have an immense love of learning, we both strive to be as rational as possible, we both love odd humour, unusual music and 'intellectual' conversation, and we are both very introspective and analytical. He...
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    Brutlaity Against Children, Disguised as " Discipline"

    I help run a high-school in a Third World country where beating with sticks, along with other forms of insidious child torture, are still permitted by law. Having been on the receiving end of such treatment by openly sadistic teachers in my youth, I arrived at the conclusion long ago that there...
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    Cognitive development in children?

    Jean Piaget was a Swiss psychologist who developed a very influential theory of cognitive development, or how our thinking changes as we grow. Make up a family with two children at two different stages of Piaget's theory. How old are these children, what stage are they in, and what might we see...
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    I just want to ask is there any suitable article to help me to know more about children psychology because I choose it as 1 of my university course. Thank you. :)
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    Why Children Kill. Help with a Research Paper.

    I'm doing a Research Paper on why children grow up to kill. Can anyone help me with finding good articles? Please and Thank you. I have articles from and articles on children & videogame violence but I need more so any sites and/or articles can be useful to me, please...
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    How to build a positive relationship with our children

    Children need to learn from logical consequences. Many times a child's failure is an opportunity for learning thus we must respect the self-determination of our children and their ability to navigate through often difficult decision making. Many behavioralist programs towards addressing...
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    how do we help children diagnosed with ADHD

    How should one look upon Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and what is the effective way to aid those who are given this diagnosis? There has been considerable debate as to whether or not ADHD is a genuine disorder. Psychiatrist and professor Robert Hedaya (1996, pg. 140) mentions...
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    How to deal with our seriously distressed children and adolescents?

    How do we deal with our seriously distressed children and adolescents? Adolescents are in a period of seeking autonomy and self-determination. These qualities can aid them in becoming agents of active transformation in their own lives. For one to recover from distress they are in need of being...
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    Simple Rules for Raising Successful Children

    Successful parenting means taking the time to understand what our children need to be fulfilled, confident, and happy. Of course, that’s no small task. Here are some guiding principles: 1. First and foremost, recognize the true gravity of your task. Parenting successful, emotionally happy...
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    spanking / smacking children right or wrong?

    The un has for a long time being trying to the law in sovereign nations to prevent parents from hitting their children. The UN have been attempts to criminalize hitting children. Related articles
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    Children and Bipolar Disorder

    Do children who suffer from Bipolar disorder typically suffer from other disabilities?
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    Effect of alcohol on alcoholic’s children

    The dependency on alcohol affect the child of an alcohalic in a very depressive order.It is the children who are worsely affected with alcohol over a course of life span whish leads the to problems in the form of fetal alcohol syndrome, which is first manifested in infancy; emotional problems...