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    Optimal use of brain is possible.

    The first step, is some understanding of how brain works. Our brain is constantly thinking, producing thoughts. If our brain was proprioceptive, we would feel the effort. Those sensations would be chronic, (and distracting?) We pay a heavy price for "congenital analgesia" of brain and thought...
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    The term primative brain.

    I can't rationalize the term the primitive brain only in reference to the age or time. Like the cave man. I understand then how he perceived his world then. But in today's world it's somewhat different. I can see evolution in time. I would guess man changed from primate to civilized over time...
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    Evolution of the brain.

    How does the brain evolve from primitive states to today's states?Where does consciousness come from? What form does consciousness have if any? If consciousness does not have form yet we are aware of it would that not be metaphysical or spiritual? Are our emotions innate or social input? pljames
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    Consciousness of the brain and of the mind?

    Is the brain conscious of itself and the mind? I see a picture of my brain and know it is there (physically). I cannot see my mind, yet it's invisible and within my brain. Is the brain and mind aware of each other? I see the brain as input and a processor. I see the mind as output. Data is taken...
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    Are Our Perceptions "Outside" Our Brain ?

    Our "mental images" are "inside". We refer to both as "ours'; is that a 'slip of the tongue' or a "clue"? What if 'authentic/empirical' perceptions are also inside our brain like mental images are? Intuitively that does not 'feel' right, so it would be a...
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    Brain mind body.

    ;D The brain is biological and has a input process and output .Then as well, so does the mind. The bain somehow controls all aspects of mind and body. I have concluded that the mind is a slate board of the brain. I am almost convinced that the soul is the visible part of the body and the...
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    agression in the media primes the brain for agression

    source Research over the past few decades has shown that viewing physical violence in the media can increase aggression in adults and children. But a new study, co-authored by an Iowa State University psychology professor, has also...
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    henry markram builds a brain in a supercomputer

    Neuroscientist Henry Markram the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology plans to build a brain and subject it to a barrage of experiments. He believes this to be the only way to truly understand how human brains work and why sometimes they don't. Building a human brain is easier said than done...
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    Brain diseases list

    I love the site and I was curious what you guys think about ranker? I've found a lot of medical information on there but im not really sure how reliable it is? Can you guys check out this list of brain diseases and let me know what you think? Thank you
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    Brain Imaging Experiments show attention and awareness as seperate processes

    In everyday life, attention and awareness appear tightly interwoven. Attending to the scissors on the right side of your desk, you become aware of their attributes, for example the red handles. Vice versa, the red handles could attract your attention to the scissors. However, a number of...
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    Brain Hemisphere Dominance

    Hello, first post. I am interested in the brain hemisphere dominance subject. I know very little about it, really, but would like some familiarization on the topic. Does forcing right handedness cause any problems if you were naturally left handed? I include in this question the following...
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    Primacy of brain or consciousness - chicken or egg first ?

    See SWM's reply #09 in thread; "Some thoughts are believed"; for his whole statement. Partial quote here is; "....thought and the conscious awareness of this processing is a shadow or reflection of the brains functioning." I wrote in same thread, #29; "Some people...
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    Brain exercises

    Following are some brain exercises which are good for the health of brain. 1)Get into a comfort position and close your eyes.Take a deep breath and while exhaling,mentally recite the word "falling" while picturing the word in your mind.Do again and recite the another word...
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    Degenerative Brain Disease

    Hello all. I was hesitant to post here but I felt that this may be the only place I can discuss this openly. Here goes: Lately I've been having problems with my memory which in turn results in a general misunderstanding of things. Not only is this a major hindrance, it's also very...
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    Brain Development

    Melissa’s first baby is 6 months old, and she wants to ensure the safety of her baby’s brain development. Melissa lives with her partner on the third floor of an apartment building in an urban area. Her partner is a graphic artist who maintains a studio in one bedroom of their apartment. They...
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    How does music affect the brain?

    Hi. I recently heard, that metal or rock, or hard rock makes brain less able to work. My friend said, that his IQ has dropped by 20 points, but I do not believe him though. Also I've heard, that classical music makes brain work better. So the question is this: is this true? How the music...
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    How does YOUR Brain work for you?

    Hi there! Im not sure if this is the correct venue for this question but here goes. How does your brain work for you in this regard? When you have a conversation, how does the words come to you that you are saying? i.e. ad libbing, do you see the words on a screen in your minds eye and read from...
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    Is it possible to deal with the Esoteric MIND by using the brain?

    Is it possible to deal with the Esoteric MIND using ones brain? The brain is physical, and the is not physical. So how can one use ones physical brain to deal with the Esoteric MIND? The fact is, one cannot do so. The only way to deal with the MIND is to do...
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    The Male Brain
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    Great video series about the effects of child abuse on the brain

    Hey everyone! I'm new here, so I'm looking forward to reading some of the old posts to learn more about psychology. I'll start off my contributions here by sharing a video I found utterly fascinating about the physical/neurological effects of child abuse on the brain. It's a 5-part...