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    Neuroscience and the body.

    The brain has neurons or electrical activity within itself. The spine has as well? But what if the whole body has some sort of electric activity as well like the heart? The electric activity is another form of language within the brain mind and body which translates itself to the mind as...
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    Brain mind body.

    ;D The brain is biological and has a input process and output .Then as well, so does the mind. The bain somehow controls all aspects of mind and body. I have concluded that the mind is a slate board of the brain. I am almost convinced that the soul is the visible part of the body and the...
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    A murderous mind in a healthy body. Emptiness is eating me alive.

    Hi. Thank you for reading. Excuse my english, I'm from a non english speaking country. On to the "problem". I'm sure a lot of people, including some on this forum, have felt the feeling of sadness over a wasted day, or a wasted life. I'm a 29 year old boy\man. Physically healthy...
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    Body Language

    Forgive me if I am asking the wrong group, I assume this falls under psychology. My question is, what is the difference in a person's attitude when comparing crossing the arms, to clenching onto the (both) arms with your hands? In what situations is the one done over the other? I have a book...
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    Body Language - how aware are you of yours?

    Last night I was at a social event & while chatting with someone I noticed my eyes would shift from their face to directly over their right shoulder, I wasn't interested or looking at anything in the background but I also wasn't much interested in their talk, however receptive I pretended to...
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    Puzzled about this body language mvoement.

    Hi everyone. I'm a little bit confused, what exactly this could mean: One of peoples i know is playing with her lip, before and after saying something. When she is talking, she just moves her hand like 10-20 centimeters from her mouth and moves it, while talking, then again goes back and...
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    puzzled by body language- wiping face

    before my friend wants to tell me something he will rub his hand from forehead to chin. I see it as wiping the blackboard clean (i'm old school) btw we suspect aspergers though he is in his 40's. any idea's thanks zena
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    Body Wisdom?

    Do you think we have our own body wisdom. Most of the acts performed by us are just mechanics. We are working just in accordance to our habits and behaving like a robot whether its our social, religious or family life. Do you think yourself as a social slave?
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    Is our conscious our body?

    What part of our body could be identified as our conscious. To be conscientious requires a body to feel. Right? Don't we respond to our uncomfortable feelings by not doing or thinking that way?
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    Body language related to a persons personality

    I have a friend that whenever she's comfortable talking to someone (usually friends) on a table, she usually likes to lie her head down on the table and then looks and chats at the other person in that position. She sits back to a normal position once in a while but usually goes back to lying...
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    Is memory in the body or in the brain?

    Hi all I heard from a friend (who had studied some psychology in a university) that the human nervous system has a memory capability that exists practically everywhere in the nervous system. He said that the memory allows the limbs to "learn" movements as the nerves in those parts of...