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    do abused children become abused adults

    This is a friend that we have been separated for years recently met each other by accident as we discovered that we live in the same city. As we tried to rekindle our friendship, I saw bruises on her body almost every time we met. After repeated questioning she finally opened up. This is a...
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    Suicidal juveniles who survive and become adults

    If an adolescent is suicidal and has some suicide attempts, but survives, is he guaranteed to have mental health problems as an adult?
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    Are minors who have sex with adults 'victims'?

    Throughout history psychologists have made some controversial claims. Until the early 20th century is was generally agreed that masturbation was harmful, resulting in male circumcision (still practised today) and even clitoridectomy. Black people were 'proven' to be mentally inferior to whites...
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    Child-like behaviour in Adults

    Hello All, I have to make sure I approach this topic with great care because I do not wish to insult anybody here. Basically, I was wondering what you guys thought about adults round the ages of 21-25 who still act and behave in the same way a small child in primary school would. Its not...