Thread watched SELF-REGULATION OF THE MIND: The missing key to being in harmony with yourself and others?

Sep 2021

I believe I hold a missing key to living in a world of harmony. It's about the initial influence that the citizen has over his relationship to the world, namely whether or not to exploit the pressure/depression dimension (doing violence/relaxing himself) when he enters a state of confusion, showing that the mind is mismanaged.
I therefore deduced from this idea a discipline in order to take unconditional possession of one's mind, and this in order to remain adapted and serene in all situations, regardless of the conditions to which we are subjected.

This discipline is simply to take the reflex to feel guilty about feeling confused in order to condition yourself to no longer accept it passively.
For that, it is enough to remember it every morning so that this reaction eventually becomes systematic and unconscious (possibly via the keyword "confused..." in order to instinctively integrate the idea behind it).

Exploiting the feeling of "contempt for oneself" for the sole purpose of freeing oneself from confusion, leads (instinctively) to putting pressure on oneself when this state is caused by a particular problem (and therefore to solving it and thus not taking the risk of letting this problem in the background eat away at his mood, and at the same time keep control over his life), or conversely leads to generating a feeling of depression (slowing down his mind) when the confusion does not seem to have real causes (in order to devalue the fears that are at the origin, and thus remain relaxed and more instinctive).

Note that the reaction "pressure or depression" is not consciously treated, the aim being only to no longer be confused.
This discipline does not disturb the mind if it is seen as an asset, a suggestion of the mind and not an imperative. On the contrary, it seems to allow you to be more instinctive and more stimulated because there is less fog and tension in the mind.

I strongly advise you to experiment with it, because you have to test it to realize what it really allows!
I found that each time I dropped it, I again alternated between a positive and negative mood, my confrontation with my mood being again conditioned by the vagaries of intellectual laziness (underestimating the appearance of a concern in the mind) or conversely to what I overestimate (my micro-fears, obsessions, manias...).
I therefore think (naively or not) that the concept of "regulated mind" is naturally destined to be disclosed (by the purely individual observation that it brings enormously), and that, the relationship to oneself tending to be (by experience ) drastically better, relationships will end up being more harmonious (and therefore society as a whole).

I therefore thank you for your attention to this unconventional subject !