Real case: Abuse and narcissistic personality

Dec 2020
So my female cousin was sexually molested by her own biological father during the age 12-15. She had average education and spent most of her life at the house. She had a habit of staying fit and looking pretty all the time. Few years later she got married to my cousin X. X used to like her from school days. Now she has 3 sons , elder one is 12 years old. While kids were young X found out that she used to talk with other guys on phone. This thing went for a long time. X used to say her to stop contacting others guy but she was bound to do it. So things were messed up while they both were living their life in abroad. X didn't disclose anything to her parents. Now in 2020 she came to her home country with kids while X was abroad. Here her mother found out that she is having secret affair with a 22 years old guy while she is 42. But she has mantained herself so well that she looks very younger. her mom then started taking her to a psychologist with. My cousin then started sharing all her feelings with him. Why she likes the 22 year old guy. She doesn't considers this to be a problem talking to other guy or going for a dinner with him considering she is married with kids. I am not sure if she had sex with the 22 year old guy.Her mother used to keep her on medicines too from young age considering her mental problems sometimes. Now things have shocked me and the psychologist when she has told with a heavy heart that she was abused by her father. She made a point that what she is doing right now(dating other guys, talking to random guys and falling in love with them) is nothing compared to what she went through i.e That sin was much bigger than what she is doing. X has given her everything Car, luxuriois house everything. But still she is trying to find love outside. Her husband considers to be mentally ill too i think thats why he is bearing her or maybe because she was his first love. I don't know. Is she faking? Is she just trying to gather sympathy from people so that they must allow her what she wants to do with rest of her life considering that she spent a lonely life with not much friends. OR all of this mental condition is because of the sexuall abuse she went through?
Nov 2021
This could be a lot of things. One possibility is NPD but more details of the relationship would be required to get to a result on that.
Jan 2022
the biggest harm of abuse is the self doubt it creates in the abused persons mind

too much self doubt can actually cause brain damage
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