Personality of orphans?

Aug 2020
My boss was adoped as a kid and he doesn't behave like everyone else I know. He usually behaves like he's a victim and doesn't seem to empathize well with other people. Easily agitated with poor circumspection. I think even his kids think he's hard to deal with. And he claims to be the ideal husband and I'm told by coworker that he is in love with the idea of marriage as something you just do. He doesn't seem completely right in the head. Any insights?
Mar 2020
I understand that he wants to do better than his parents and have a family.

If you don't have a reason to live. You die.

Don't blame him for loving the idea of marriage. If you tear down a person to nothing, he dies.

If his kids find him difficult, that's simply cause he's winging it. They have to respect him as their life-giver and dedicated support and trainer.

You need to really consider this guys authority no matter how much of an imp you think he is for being guilty of having no parents. That's his fault right?

If he became your boss it's cause he has skills and earned his good position. His earned position he earned to take care of the wife and kids who are his meaning of life. That's the meaning of his life and you should never destroy the meaning of someone's life. That is murder.

I recommend your really respect this guy from going from orphan to family man boss. You could learn a lot from this guys sense of perseverance. Most people would just join a gang, sell drugs, go homeless, and riot for Marxism. This guy took life seriously without anyone taking him seriously.

You could really get good with him if you treated him as the serious person he was, as he had no parents to take him seriously. If he were my boss, I'd hang on every word this guy says. He sounds immaculate to me.

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