Need an advise and help

Sep 2021
Depression, emotional instability, and other psychological problems have become commonplace in our time. But there are very few specialists who can be suitable for each specific situation. However, the psychological care industry does not stand still. Everyone can have a moment when help is needed here and now, whether at night, during the day, or on the road. And today, everyone can get this help. The main question is: where?

I' ve tried many trainings, webinars, and books in my time. I even visited psychologist and bought a whole course of his services, but it didn't help (a complete disappointment, I don't recommend it). I was still a complex, insecure, lonely and withdrawn person. And then I came across the Master Kit app. There is a friend who uses it. She says the results are excellent, and I noticed that her life has become different. Found a husband, they want to have children. Family idyll.
I am confused by the price and efficiency. And the absence of a living person also does not add confidence. I would like to ask you if anyone has any experience? Is it worth spending your money and time? Because I'm at a dead end right now.
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