List of Myers-Briggs personality type online tests

Sep 2014
A list of links to free online Myers-Briggs personality types tests. The 16 Myers-Briggs personality types are the 16 combinations of the four dichotomies of:
  • extraversion (E) vs introversion (I)
  • sensing (S) vs intuition (N)
  • thinking (T) vs feeling (F)
  • perception (P) vs judgement (J)

For example: INTJ, INTP, ENTP, ESFP etc.
Jul 2021
I am a ESFP and I am a HSP too... actually HPD is mainly associated with ESFP but 20 % can be a HSP, however I am the only extraverted HSP I came across, most of them are introverted, and so it's hard, but I do get along with ESFPs in general, even if they are HPD until they stab me in the back and then not so much LOL. I really get along with BPD and I sort of understand them as they feel deeply like us, however, the HPD is quite the opposite and a bit shallow, I don't mean to badmouth them, it is their traits, and I am not saying it negatively as I like them unconditionally nevertheless, I am just saying these are their traits and the thing that makes me relate with them is how they make a scene when they get pissed at an injustice, but what makes me distant from them in terms of thinking yes is the empathy thing, even though they sometimes look empathetic to me, I know it's very short-lived lol. :) The NPD I get along and never argue, oddly, but yes they do go behind your back, however, they don't ruin your life like the psychopath, so again I don't mind it, if it's smart gossiping, it may be bs, but at least it's not harmful bs, that's the thing, hence why I don't think anyone understands cluster b is a real illness caused by being traumatised. Yes, the only thing is they sometimes get dragged in situations and then deflect blame on me, and that makes me a bit upset, so that is when I want alone time or spend time with a fellow highly sensitive like my cat :) <3 but introverted highly sensitives are a bit difficult and they prefer psychopaths over us. I prefer being extraverted. I still think most people prefer psychopaths, even if there are some intelligent ones that prefer you, not everyone is that way.