I killed myself and liked it.

Aug 2021
Texas, USA
I am sorry for you. I am sorry for your family who loved you, but you left behind who are trying to figure out what they did wrong and how they could have helped you. I feel sorry for your friends who loved you and are wondering what they could have done or been to have helped you. I feel sorry for your teachers and clergy who feel like they failed you. Please come back, you owe it to your parents who loved you and raised you, your friends who stood beside you in the worst of times, your teachers who did their best to teach you. I know, my brother killed himself. It is not something to joke about, and i encourage you to talk to your family, friends, teachers, clergy, counselors, or anyone else you trust to go to. Do not cheapen your life this way, you are worth way more than this...
Good luck, and let us know how it goes,
Feb 2022
Czech Republic
People may eat me alive for this but whatever. If you kill yourself due to impulsive behaviour then it will solve little or nothing. I consider, and I emphasize that it's MY opinion I do not impose to anyone, suicide as a solution or a reasonable outcome IF it's a result of thorough thinking through.

If you feel an urge to behave certain way or to do certain actions that are intervening in everyday life or are dangerous then you DEFINITELY want to seek medical help. This applies to anything in general.

To conclude, you DO NOT owe anything to anyone. If anyone is good to you because he or she expects you to be to her or him then that person is not a good person and you don't to worry about people like that. It is not rare to find people like that in your family or close circle and although it is not easy, you have to learn to cope with it.
Jul 2021
Rationality in the irrational people who push you to do it and then can't figure out why. The so-called psychopaths... not everyone gets a tumor, some get a mental disease as a result of their actions, something that most psychopaths and their fellow psychopathic supporters refuse to understand, because they lack the empathy to. One day it will happen to them, you'll see, karma doesn't miss an address.