I cheated and now i feel horrible. I can't sleep and eat

Jun 2020
I think some users only come post a question and expect an answer. Most of them don't show up again, if you check some of the posts are really old. Yes, I don't think you are a HSP based on this one sentence. I think this post shows a mild form of grandiosity, as you are attempting to control another person's actions, mine, so in fact I am not sure that you are an autistic person either. I can recommend a psychologist who is near you, who can properly assess you. Sorry can't help, but I wish you the best of luck. I think all control issues might stem from grandiosity or the strange belief that we believe we can break other people's boundaries and tell them what to do. See, I post stuff, I always talk about myself in the first person, that way it shows I am not controlling them and they don't think I come from a place of superiority, but from a place of equality and mutual respect. I am not the only one who does this. I understand where you are coming from, you want attention, you are young etc., but yes, it sometimes isn't very helpful to those surrounding you, that you do this, and then you will inevitably end up towards who are more narcissistic, than those who are not. As sadists enjoy this behaviour, I can't tell you how many suggestible people I have avoided as really I am a perfectionist, sorry, I am! But again, I don't treat people that way, unless in return lol, so I do prefer someone who treats me as well as I treated them. Good luck nevertheless, with fixing the issues that you said you need fixing.

In fact it was already weird that you were blaming all Canadians and Americans based on one post, I thought it was a response to that bad post, but really, maybe it's just what you think of everyone a priori, which is why assessments can't be done online, that is why I can't do any assessments, and I also think I won't post on here, any longer, as it's wasting my time too a bit.
It's not grandiosity, it's just typical forum etiquette. I guess I'm more accustomed to forum interactions than you. People normally find it rude, etc. to derail. I said this out of courtesy, not out of grandiosity. Lol. You jumped to conclusions.

I'm not relying on your assessment of me, you don't even know me, nor can you assess someone online. I am not autistic, but I am probably HSP.

You have some very black and white views here. I wonder what you think of people who defend victims from bullies, if you see steering someone toward being respectful of someone else as "grandiose control issues." My actions came from guilt about feeling like we weren't being courteous or respectful, not out of grandiose control issues.

"I think that it is sometimes really hard for us to understand what someone else's journey is . . . I think that is part of the intrigue . . . but when we don't understand someone else's culture, or where they have been, we can often misinterpret their actions and what they mean because of that." — Georgia Dow

You could take a lesson from her.

Idk, as can't assess someone online!
I wasn't asking you to. Not sure why you got the idea that I was asking you to in your head.

Yes, ADHD is not really related with the HSP, usually they are opposites, but as long as you don't get medicated for it, as I think medications is what turns ADHD in ODD, as some say, ah ADHD is relatable to ODD, but really it is not, if you don't give them the medications you give them. So have you taken any medications or were you treated differently, I think with ADHD there's therapy that helps, as again some medications really don't help.
I disagree with your personal opinion.

I'm out. You can continue to be an ass to the original poster on your own. I'm not going to further contribute to the derailing.
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