How would you describe your personality to people?

Oct 2009
i m tall but bubbly.. all my personality is my smile..

i enjoy being with friends... i m optimistic
Dec 2009
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I am warm, enthusiastic ,very passionate and excited about new ideas and people , have a strong need to be liked , i have many skills and talents ,I am very bright ;D and intuitive , I like to start many projects but rarely finished them ,well ::)...sometimes I do , I have two careers by now and I am on my path with another one , I like to learn more than to actually work ,I may be very manipulative , I am not always sincere , but rather polite than honest ,sometimes ,quite often though ,I would act childish , love to play and amuse myself of everything , I would get bored quickly with you if you're not creative , I don't take life too seriously although I LOVE TO LIVE .

who wants more of me ::)?

That looks like me a lot and I am also a gemini.
I would also add that I am pretty reserved and rarely show my emotions even to the people I genuinly love, even if I am excited to be around them. I think that being this reserved type of person will make me stand out in the crowd more. At least this was the case a couple of months ago, but lately I am finally understanding that my friends/family need to know that I love them and I am kinda starting to show more warmth, and I am even seeing the positive results, I managed to get closer to most of my friends and I have a pretty active social life, I became extroverted. I've changed much and everyone is noticing this. I think I am a happier person now.
Nov 2008
I am someone my friends want to be. I am self confident, but not arrogant. Selfless and giving, but not a fool. Very creative and innovative.