Child setting fires

Feb 2022
Quebec Canada
My neighbour’s daughter, boyfriend and three children moved in with him a couple of years ago. Her eldest child, now six years old, has always had discipline issues. He broke three windows out of the house late last fall. This Tuesday past he started setting fires in the house. Said he liked to watch them burn. Grandparents stayed up all week watching him so he didn’t set a fire while they slept. he refused to tell anyone where he hid the lighter he was using. Yesterday he set his bed on fire at 11:30 In the mornin. Everyone got out with just the clothing they were wearing. Weather was extremely cold and he had absolutely no remorse. This family is very poor, no insurance. The grandfather is completely shut down. He had been telling his daughter to get the child out of the house and get him help because he was going to kill them in their sleep one day.
what should they be doing for this child. Is he a sociopath at such a young age. I don‘t know what to tell the grandfather, he is a very good friend. Please help.
Aug 2021
Texas, USA
How did the child stay out of juvenile court? How was this child not committed to a psychiatric facility? This child needs help immediately!!! This family is not doing this child any favors by keeping him out of psychiatric care. The quicker they get the child into a program the sooner he can be diagnosed and treated, and returned to society!!!
Please help them make this decision, and let us know how it goes...