Anti-Social Personality Disorder

Jul 2021
I've been pondering this for a long time. Maybe I can find some help here. I'm a psychology student in my freshman year in college, and recently we began to go more in depth into Anti-Social Personality Disorder. I was sort of suprised upon further examination of the symptoms, because it seemed to describe me perfectly. I did notice around about the time I turned 17 or so, my constant apathetic nature has been growing rapidly. I've always had violent thoughts/fantasies since I was younger, but lately they seem to be developing at a pretty quick rate. The thoughts occur much more frequently, and it's almost as if i am uncapable of caring for other people. My mother revealed to me the other day that she was leaving our family, and I laughed in her face and asked her how soon. I still feel no remorse. It's almost as if I'm emotionally numb except for fullfilling my own needs, I cannot honestly say that I care about anyone else.
I can't be offically diagnosed, because I never had a conduct disorder before 15, but was frequently in trouble at school and with the law. All the symptoms seem to fit right into place, though. I use people all the time for personal gain, I'm extremely manipulative, and basically I tell people what they want to hear just so long as I can see personal profit from it. Once again, I feel no remorse, and I have no sympathy for anyone else. Could I be an undiagnosed case?

Thoughts appreciated.
What kind of trouble did you have? Antisocial personality is really treatable nevertheless and you may have ocd symptoms. In OCD you get violent thoughts at times, and you don't act on them, but you do certain routine things that can drive others around you a little crazy lol, but all these are treatable as are antisocial disorders. The only issue with antisocial personality disorders is that they can turn into secondary psychopathy eventually, but if you treat it, is gonna be ok. I am sure you are going to be fine.